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  • Bee Waits interviews me

    • Bee Waits, scottish fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger talked to me about better tomorrows, art and inspiration.

      We celebrated Galantines together BIG TIME. Boom. Here’s the link.



  • Ask Me Anything – on the evening of 7th February 2018 (CET)

    • As the part of the book promotion I am answering some questions on Wed night (CET).

      If you would like to participate: here’s the link!

  • Creative Mornings

    • Creative Mornings is an event that happens in over 180 cities around the globe, once a month. It includes breakfast and a lecture. This month I was one of the three people giving that lecture! In French!

      I prepared a small speech, practiced it over and over again, prepared the powerpoint, changed it few times, stressed and haven’t slept, changed the opinion about my outfit twice (ended up wearing my favourite shirt) and finally I was there in front of some 60 people doing the best I can do 🙂

  • January cards in the shop

    • Every month, as the part of my Patreon project, new cards will appear in my Etsy shop! This one is for the tea lovers. It’s always tea time!


  • What My Girlfriends Told Me now on AMAZON!

    • What My Girlfriends Told Me, my first book, finally arrived to my doorstep! It was Friday, everyone was preparing for the weekend and I was shaking in excitement to open the package from London and see it!

      It’s perfect. I guess that’s what all parents say for their children (until their children start smoking but that’s a totally different subject). I will be posting on all social media small and big moments from the book in the following weeks.

      The book is out on March 2nd, 2018 (September Publishing) and if you want to be the first one to read it – this is the link on the: amazon!