• Teaching workshops for me is about sharing energy and all things I know and learnt about life, art and craft. It makes my personal practice different an exciting as all those people I teach bring new ideas and perspectives to it.

      Some of my workshops are about learning a new skill, some of them are about learning to see old things in new ways, some of them are about marking your way (literally). Yet all of them will hopefully push you towards creativity in every day life. I try to teach people to search for it wherever and whenever they can.

      I have been teaching adults and young people through regular school programs and private ateliers for years now. If you are interested in that please email me on (don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter in order to get regular well, news about workshops offline and online. Here is my instagram again, too.)

  • Learning new skills: basic embroidery illustration

    • Over the years I have been teaching online and offline embroidery workshops and it always inspires me to see how quickly people learn new skills and how inspired they get to create new worlds. If you have always wanted to learn how to stitch – this is a perfect workshop where you will learn basics about materials, hoops, needles and enough stitches to embark on your personal embroidery journey! I will show you how I see illustrations inside of the embroidery.


  • Learning New Skills: Advance Stitches and Techniques Embroidery Illustration

    • After you took my Basic Embroidery Illustration course – certainly it’s time to go to the next level and learn some more complex, amazing stitching styles. For me, making illustrations comes in many shapes and forms and in order to express myself I love to upgrade my hoop art through more complicated embroidery. If you are searching for new ways to reinvent yourself – start here with me!


  • Airbnb workshop: Draw your own map in Paris

    • Stay Tuned! It’s pandemic!