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  • Drawing Your Own Map in Paris!

    • About your host

      Hi! I am Sonja. I am an illustrator and architect who has been up the Eiffel Tower over 800 times and counting! I have been designing and illustrating since I learned to hold a pencil (or a pen, children love pens). I try to see the world differently— not as a panorama of buildings and landmarks, but as a mosaic of memories and sensations. We leave a bit of ourselves everywhere we go, and embracing that can give us a deeper understanding of where we are now. I love Paris and the feeling that anything is possible here. Hope to see you soon!

      What we’ll do

      We’ll WARM UP with sketches while getting to know each other • We will walk/ DRAW/ explore le Marais • We will LEARN interesting facts about the art, history, and architecture of the area • We will RELAX with coffee (wine?), while doing the sketch analysis • I will introduce you to the MAP MAKING • We will DRAW our own map A delightful blend of informative tour and creative workshop, this activity is for people who believe there is inspiration in everything! We will walk through the Marais – one of the most intriguing areas in Paris. By paying attention to detail, we will create our personal map of Paris, bit by bit. Designed for everyone – this interactive tour aims to help you put your inspiration on paper by mapping serendipity – the textures of the city, people we see, and stories that leave an impression on us. At the end of the workshop you will have your own artistic map, and you will be all the richer for the knowledge you will have gained about one of the most picturesque areas of Paris! No better souvenir to take home, right?

      What I’ll provide

      • Drinks
      • Coffee or wine! Tea maybe? Sure!
      • Equipment
      • Art materials and protection package!

      What to bring

      Weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and anything else you may find useful – you know yourself best!