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The Glow Worm, the Wonders and the Moon

Here it is – THE KICKSTARTER PROJECT – we have been working on for a while! 💫 The Glow Worm, the Wonders and the Moon 🐛🌟🌙 is the book for children about the beauty of being different, the beauty of creatures around us and the beauty of learning how to be open to the world 🐛

I love working on projects that try to make this world (a tiny bit) better place so I am so proud that Rachael and Marianne, two diversity consultants, invited me to join them in this adventure and to draw the Glow Worm and his friends! This is s/he:

Here you can see some book spreads in English and in French, as we would like to print out the book in both languages!

This is a kickstarter project – so we need to gather the money: 5000 euros, in order to print out the book and get payed! We are almost there and I will edit this post as the time goes <3 Definitely check out our project and a little video that we made for the promotion of it! Support and share if you can – I am so grateful to everyone who supported it already! We can, all together, make this world a better place! Let’s start with kids!

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