• The Glow Worm, the Wonders and the Moon

    • Here it is – THE KICKSTARTER PROJECT – we have been working on for a while! ? The Glow Worm, the Wonders and the Moon ??? is the book for children about the beauty of being different, the beauty of creatures around us and the beauty of learning how to be open to the world ?

      I love working on projects that try to make this world (a tiny bit) better place so I am so proud that Rachael and Marianne, two diversity consultants, invited me to join them in this adventure and to draw the Glow Worm and his friends! This is s/he:

      Here you can see some book spreads in English and in French, as we would like to print out the book in both languages!

      This is a kickstarter project – so we need to gather the money: 5000 euros, in order to print out the book and get payed! We are almost there and I will edit this post as the time goes <3 Definitely check out our project and a little video that we made for the promotion of it! Support and share if you can – I am so grateful to everyone who supported it already! We can, all together, make this world a better place! Let’s start with kids!

      By clicking the blue link, you can check out my other projects!

  • How the Book Covers Are Made?

    • This lovely little video was filmed this August in Novi Sad

      How the book covers are made? It’s been three years since I’ve been making book covers for Edicija Reka. I think we did a good job and we added some quirkiness to the general book market.

      This video was filmed to inspire and hopefully make you read more. One shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but a book cover certainly tells a lot about the book.

      Book Covers

      This is where you can see all the book covers I designed.

  • Calendar for 2021

    • It seems that we are all waiting for a new year. A better year. I am ready to offer you one (high promises) at least on a paper so here is the calendar for 2021!

      Calendar 2021 Front Page

      I found 12 words – 12 wishes and since this has been my year of French learning I wrote them in French (with English translation as well). Each of those pretty words is represented by an animal that represents it in different ancient (and less ancient) traditions. Magic of a new year and this calendar for 2021!

      Calendar 2021 All Pages

      I wish you a lot of peace, happiness and joy – on recycled paper! There is a limited number of copies so order yours! You can buy this calendar in my SHOP!

      Calendar 2021 Sonja Bajic Wisdom

      Check out my last year calendar.

  • Free Phone Backgrounds

  • Sonja Bajic Coloring Pages

    • I truly hope everyone is safe and sound, and I hope you guys are all feeling good at your homes. I know that is isolation, confinement…however you call it is hard, especially when you have had zero contact with your friends and family and when they are far away like in my case. These last couple of weeks I am incredibly grateful for the internet.

      I had a bad luck to catch the corona. It all happened just at the beginning of the epidemic and fortunately, thou the whole experience was scary, my symptoms were mild. My body asked me to sleep a lot and I did. My mind asked me to be kind to myself and I did that too. My senses of taste and smell are slowly coming back. I am grateful for the sweet smell of lilac that the spring is offering me and my senses. And that I can actually finally smell.

      Last week was very sad for our little community, community that offered me home and love in this time of confinement. And when the loss happens, I sometimes find strength inside to…to give. So this is a gift – from my home to yours – coloring pages that you can print out and well, color. I hope you can turn your brain off and drift away, meditate and hope and imagine better days through the colors and shapes…

      These illustrations are reproductions of the drawings I did for #100daysofparis project five years ago. They are the invitations to calm and to visit Paris however you imagine it in that cloud above your head.

      Here is the link for the download:

      I would love to see your colorful world – when posting on social media, use a tag #coloringtimewithsonja


  • New Cards in my Etsy Shop!

    • My Etsy shop has a whole collection of the #goodvibes cards! I am a big fan of sending those and I hope you are too! When you buy them they are packed with stickers and love and they look something like this:

  • Radionica vezenja #2 / Embroidery workshop #2

    • Druga po redu radionica veza se održava idućeg petka u kafe knjižari Zenit u Novom Sadu! Angelina iza projekta Svilene Bube će da vam priča o održivoj modi a ja ću da vas učim osnovama veza! Dođite, biće lepo! (o ceni i detaljima, pošaljite mail!)

  • Society 6 shop

    • Hi everyone, I hope your year started well! I decided to open a Society 6 shop with designs from my calendar for 2020! Every month I will put a new design and there are many objects inn it you might need 😉 Visit me here!

  • Sonja draws for Harper’s Bazaar

    • In October’s issue (2019) four of my drawings came out. I am so happy and so proud <3

  • Calendar for 2020

    • This year I payed attention to not eating tomatoes in February nor strawberries in December. That way, I support local producers, and I follow the rhythm of the nature. This calendar will help you do so (especially if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, if you’re down south, it will just look great on your wall).

      Calendar features 12 of Sonja’s fruit and veggie illustrations printed on 250lb opaque bright white paper and spiral bound with a wire-o hanger for easy hang & display.

      In my SHOP!

  • The Playbook for Fear / Vežbanka za strah

    • I couldn’t wait to post about this little gem! IT’S OUT!!! The Playbook for Fear is my new project with a journalist and poet Sara Radojkovic. More about it here.

  • 16th January 2019: Workshop ceramics!

    • Come join me and Genevieve for a workshop we are having next week! I’ll talk about colour, form and historical styles of ceramics (15min max!) and I’ll try to inspire you to find your own!

      L’atelier Genevieve is the first ceramicafe in Paris. Concept is simple: you come and choose your dish, Genevieve provides paint (many many beautiful colours), you paint and when you are done she bakes it and glaze it! And then you can use it every day! Boom!

      Workshop will be great so come and join us! Yey! Click here for the tickets!

  • 5nd December 2018: Kakva zenska Book Is Out!

    • Aaaaaaaaand it’s out! This is the book that started as a project that you can see in here and it is about famous women of Serbia who changed our past – scientists, writers, politicians, artists… VERY PROUD!

      Publisher is one of the best publishers in Balkan, Kreativni centar from Belgrade and if you speak Serbian or if you just wanna look at my drawings – you can buy it here!

      Alekandra Gavrilovic took this awesome photo!

  • 2nd November 2018: KC Lab Workshop!

    • This workshop will be on how to create a cover of a book. It is aimed for young designers who are developing their skills and for everyone who feels like they wanna learn something new about the history of book cover designing, design processes and approaches!

      Come join us! (Novi Sad audience)

  • 17th October 2018: Exhibitions, workshops, lectures…

    • Izlozbe i desavanja u Novom Sadu i sire 😉 // Expos and events in Serbia!

  • 8th October 2018: Paris Fringe

    • Paris Fringe is a four day festival of arts and performance! There’s dance, drama, humor and a lot of good vibes happening on it! Check it out and I’ll be painting there for at least two days. It will be great, join us!

  • 2nd August 2018: Interview for Before After

    • Before After is the coolest online platform in Serbia. In Balkans! I love their creative outlets, their aesthetics and their writers. And they interviewed me! Go figure! August started well! Link is here if you speak Serbian 😉

  • 1st August 2018: Jay Swanson x Sonja Bajic t-shirt collaboration

    • New t-shirts! It’s summer here and we all need them!

      A collaboration I did for this month (July) with Paris based vlogger Jay Swanson! Every month Jay puts out new shirt. If you wish to have shirt, you can order it here! It’s cool right?

  • 24th July 2018: Drawings for MILICA

    • MILICA is a magazine that celebrates women, female principles and ideas. They asked me to do some editorial design for them, for a nice column that write to future mums.


  • 14th February 2018: Bee Waits interviews me

    • Bee Waits, scottish fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger talked to me about better tomorrows, art and inspiration.

      We celebrated Galantines together BIG TIME. Boom. Here’s the link.



  • 6th February 2018: Ask Me Anything – on the evening of 7th February 2018 (CET)

    • As the part of the book promotion I am answering some questions on Wed night (CET).

      If you would like to participate: here’s the link!

  • 23rd January 2018: Creative Mornings

    • Creative Mornings is an event that happens in over 180 cities around the globe, once a month. It includes breakfast and a lecture. This month I was one of the three people giving that lecture! In French!

      I prepared a small speech, practiced it over and over again, prepared the powerpoint, changed it few times, stressed and haven’t slept, changed the opinion about my outfit twice (ended up wearing my favourite shirt) and finally I was there in front of some 60 people doing the best I can do 🙂

  • 20th January 2018: January cards in the shop

    • Every month, as the part of my Patreon project, new cards will appear in my Etsy shop! This one is for the tea lovers. It’s always tea time!


  • 28th October 2017: What My Girlfriends Told Me now on AMAZON!

    • What My Girlfriends Told Me, my first book, finally arrived to my doorstep! It was Friday, everyone was preparing for the weekend and I was shaking in excitement to open the package from London and see it!

      It’s perfect. I guess that’s what all parents say for their children (until their children start smoking but that’s a totally different subject). I will be posting on all social media small and big moments from the book in the following weeks.

      The book is out on March 2nd, 2018 (September Publishing) and if you want to be the first one to read it – this is the link on the: amazon!