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Sonja Bajic Coloring Pages

I truly hope everyone is safe and sound, and I hope you guys are all feeling good at your homes. I know that is isolation, confinement…however you call it is hard, especially when you have had zero contact with your friends and family and when they are far away like in my case. These last couple of weeks I am incredibly grateful for the internet.

I had a bad luck to catch the corona. It all happened just at the beginning of the epidemic and fortunately, thou the whole experience was scary, my symptoms were mild. My body asked me to sleep a lot and I did. My mind asked me to be kind to myself and I did that too. My senses of taste and smell are slowly coming back. I am grateful for the sweet smell of lilac that the spring is offering me and my senses. And that I can actually finally smell.

Last week was very sad for our little community, community that offered me home and love in this time of confinement. And when the loss happens, I sometimes find strength inside to…to give. So this is a gift – from my home to yours – coloring pages that you can print out and well, color. I hope you can turn your brain off and drift away, meditate and hope and imagine better days through the colors and shapes…

These illustrations are reproductions of the drawings I did for #100daysofparis project five years ago. They are the invitations to calm and to visit Paris however you imagine it in that cloud above your head.

Here is the link for the download:

I would love to see your colorful world – when posting on social media, use a tag #coloringtimewithsonja